A custody battle between a Satanist and his Christian ex-wife has raised constitutional issues after both demanded the right to share their religion with their three young children.
-The Telegraph (read article)

Of course everyone’s wondering how they got together in the first place.

Personally, I feel you can’t expect your ex-spouse to cater to your religious preferences for your children. For those two hours on Sundays, the Mother should pick up the kids at her ex’s house and bring them herself. You know what they say about “When you want something done right…”

On the other hand, if that Father really does want to teach LeVey’s Satanist values to his children, he’s going to have a hell of a time when they’re teenagers!

I’ll be first to stand-up and say that Satanism is not a religion. In my experience with a handful of Satanists, they’ve used their philosophy to legitimize egoism and self-centeredness – I dated one. I never will again, I promise you. I also don’t like the name of it out of principle: If it’s about always indulding ones instinctive desires, why not call it Meism, or plain ol’ Hedonism? I feel that calling it Satanism is a deliberate jab at Christians.