Montreal is a truly impressive city and I have been fortunate to live here all my life. There’s such emphasis upon art and culture, the summer is a never-ending series of festivals and parades! Colours, flashly clothes, and more people than you’ve ever imagined.

The city itself aside, we also have a pretty great Pagan community here. With the many regular community meet-ups and rituals as well as the superb festival scenes and night-life, Montreal is the place to be all summer long.

Sit a spell and connect with the community!

Montreal Reclaiming is committied to creating opportunities for local Pagans to meet and enjoy each other’s company. Their New Moon Song and Drum Circles as well as their Full Moon on the Mountain rituals are always enjoyable!

Pagan Sunday Brunch is held the last Sunday of each month and hosted by Hobbes and the Montreal Pagan Resource Centre.

Every sabbat brings you a variety of public rituals to choose from! Montreal Sabbats usually keeps a listing of them. They’re often held for the community by the various active groups this city has to offer, including Concordia University Pagan Society, Island Willow Protogrove , Montreal Reclaiming and the Northern Cougars.

The Magical Blend, Montreal’s best known occult supply store, offers a great many classes and seminars to fill a rainy day! You can also stop by and visit the Montreal Pagan Resource Centre’s generous library.

Summer in the City

Montreal has very inexpensive public transit. An adult monthly pass costs around $60, and weekly passes and ticket bundles are also avalable. Leave your car behind and explore the Metro, our subway system, an integral part of Montreal. The Underground City is quite extensiveand fun to explore on a rainy day!

Looking for things to do on a tight budget? Perfect!

The Jazz Festival runs through late June, early July and has hundreds of free performances in the streets of downtown. Other festivals, like Fringe (theatre) and FantAsia (film) offer inexpensive sights!

There are beautiful parks – Mount Royal Park and Parc Maisonneuve among my favourites – that will make you forget you’re in a bustling city! Bring a picnic and enjoy the sun. Ther are even the Tam-Tams every Sunday afternoon, where people congregate at the mountain and chill out with their pets, drums, mock-medieval weapons…

Every Saturday and most Wednesdays, the International Fireworks Competition is in full gear and can be seen from Parc Jean-Drapeau or the Old Port without costing you a cent! They’re marvelous and NOT to be missed! 


Planning on a visit to Montreal, or hosting guests from out of town?
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