There’s no point of working so much when you don’t spend properly. Then it’s like you’re working for nothing. My mum said something along these lines last night because we were discussing my finances as a full time student and part time worker.

I have a hard time saving money and it’s gotten worse throughout the years. I find myself in a porr situation right now, having just worked full time for the last 9 months with nothing to show for it. Given how low my costs are actually, it’s shameful.

So what can I and other students do if we have so little left in the bank?

Pay debts first, save money later. No point in saving money while debts are collecting interest.

Budget. You save money by not spending it so l’ve created a weekly budget that gives me only a weekly spending allowance for groceries, coffee and fun.

Examine your spending. I’ve looked over m spending for the last few months and I spend an immense amount on food and restaurant.The plan is to stop going out – or instead, wait to be taken out – and make home cooked meals that offer leftovers. Roast, chilli, stew, frozen bags of veggies.

Saving the change. If I save all the tip money from now until the holiday, I can probably come up with a few hundred dollars.Combine that witha  full piggy bank or two, and it’s definitely something to work with!

Prioritize. Some school supplies will be bought in a few weeks, since I don’t need them all right away. Most textbooks can wait – I can read ahead by using the ones in the library.

Goodbye cards. I’ve finally taken the credit cards out of m wallet, since they’ve been more of a hindrance than help. It’s a start!

Do things that don’t cost money. Reading, homework, net surfing, free events int eh city, jogging. There’s no shortage of any of these things for me.

So this list is mostly motivation for me. What get’s you going when you commit to changing your spending ways?