Very good for you!

Very good for you!

V&VNPism. Ismism. What mouthfuls! Honestly, I don’t see how a Neo-Pagan could NOT be conscious about what they put in their bodies.  I think we Pagans especially should be aware of nutrition and making an effort to be vegetarian, to eat organic, and/or eat local as a consideration of our bodies, economy and  our Earth.

My partner, C., and I have been musing the idea of changing our diets and buying habits. I’ve cerainly been considering becoming Vegan, or at least transitionning to Vegetarianism with occassional dairy intake, since I’ve realised my meat intake is habitual rather than a pleasure in itself. I don’t at much meat as it is, but catch my diet degenerating to often to cheap and easy, filling cheesy pasta dishes. Not very healthy 😛

While C. definitely doesn’t want to give up meat, he is willing to switch to organic. I’ve had trouble finding sources that are easy enough to get to, but there is one organic/fair trade Grocer called eCollegeY that delivers ’round here. I think that maybe we could make an $80 meat purchase once or twice a month.

I don’t think that humans need meat anymore, even those who live in colder climates like myself, given that can import all sorts of fruits, veggies and legumes from around the world.

For my conscience, I emphasise buying local over buying vegan or necessarily buying organic. Soy products, for example, have a greater carbon footprint if they are imported from much further than from organic Quebec farms.  I think buying local is much better for the wavering economy.

So, I’m working on emptying my freezer – changing my diet doesn’t excuse being wasteful.

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From a Pagan Perspective

I’ve always suggested that humans should go back to hunting if we want meat – it would teach us to be less wasteful, to appreciate hard work. As a Pagan, I consider the consequences of my purchases – I don’t want to create a greater demand for cheap meat that comes from terrible living conditions for animals. I don’t want to support the earth, air and water pollution caused my these animals. I do feel that we should be concerned about what we put into our body, the kind of energies that went into its creation.

All Pagans should be diet and body-concious. Part of learning about nature is learning about our bodies.

A Vegan Pagan’s Prayer by author Dianne Sylvan.