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The Altar – and not spelled ‘alter’ – is the work-table of the Witch. While some traditions have specific tools,  solitary practitioners can feel at ease to work with whatever they find satisfying.

Personally, my choice in tools has evolved and changed over time to suit my personal practice. I love seeing how others have set up theirs and thought I would share mine.

Manas Altar

Mana's Altar

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I have trouble getting intot he Yuletide spirit sometimes, since as student, finances and the semester’s end comes with far too much stress. Here is a list of my favourite things about the holidays!

1. Decorating the Home

My place is always a dump by the end of exams.  Tidying it up and adding some holiday decor makes a huge difference! We have acorns hanging from ribbons, faux-spruce over windows with tiny lights just waiting to be put up.

2. Baking!

On my list this year is chocolate-hazelnut biscotti, double-chocolate chip cookies, crispy gingerbread cookies, and tiramisu for dad (which, no, isn’t baked.)

3. Yule Fair

I wouldn’t say “shopping”, as it sometimes puts me in a bad mood. Montreal has a lovely Yule Fair every year! Jewlery, soaps, metal and wood works!

4. Making a Yule Log

I take a log and burn decorative motifs in it. Sometime’s it’s an offering to my Mum’s fireplace. This year it’s to be a centerpiece and candle holder for my own home.