I have trouble getting intot he Yuletide spirit sometimes, since as student, finances and the semester’s end comes with far too much stress. Here is a list of my favourite things about the holidays!

1. Decorating the Home

My place is always a dump by the end of exams.  Tidying it up and adding some holiday decor makes a huge difference! We have acorns hanging from ribbons, faux-spruce over windows with tiny lights just waiting to be put up.

2. Baking!

On my list this year is chocolate-hazelnut biscotti, double-chocolate chip cookies, crispy gingerbread cookies, and tiramisu for dad (which, no, isn’t baked.)

3. Yule Fair

I wouldn’t say “shopping”, as it sometimes puts me in a bad mood. Montreal has a lovely Yule Fair every year! Jewlery, soaps, metal and wood works!

4. Making a Yule Log

I take a log and burn decorative motifs in it. Sometime’s it’s an offering to my Mum’s fireplace. This year it’s to be a centerpiece and candle holder for my own home.