The Altar – and not spelled ‘alter’ – is the work-table of the Witch. While some traditions have specific tools,  solitary practitioners can feel at ease to work with whatever they find satisfying.

Personally, my choice in tools has evolved and changed over time to suit my personal practice. I love seeing how others have set up theirs and thought I would share mine.

Manas Altar

Mana's Altar

My has come to really reflect my practice. I consider my religion to be almost primitive in its simplicity, using ‘archetypes’ that can be transferable in and around many different religious traditions.

I have personal names for Those whom I pray to. Principally, I work with a Goddess of the Night Sky, A Horned God of the Earth, an Earth Mother and an Underworld God.

The Tree/Stang

I first read about The Stang in the works of Robin Artisson. In ‘Traditional Witchcraft’, it is used as a representation of The Horned God. In ourdoor rituals it is used to hallow the circle and is then placed in the earth to represent the God himself.

Raven Grimassi defines The Stang as a symbol of the Goddess and her fertility, representing the lines defining her genitalia in statues such as the Venus of Willendorf.  I don’t give any credit to this, personally.

I actually have three on my altar. The upright one is for my permanent indoor altar. Two others lay on the altar, which I intend to decorate and use for outdoor rituals and meditations, since they are made of thicker branches.

‘The Tree’ is an important principle of ADF Druidism. The tree, with it’s branches and roots, is connected to all of the three realms. It is a connection to the Gods above and below.

The Bell

While noisy, I’ve found the bell to be incredibly effective in spells and rituals. I find its piercing sound and vibrations effective in reaching the ears of those whom I call, so I use it mostly for invocations and when making especially important statements. Over time, I intend to use a singing bowl.

The Well

The Well is a bowl of blessed water that is connected to the underworld. Made of glass, I’ve sprayed it with a transluscent layer of black enamel paint to use it for scrying. I ask that the water be blessed as used for purification before my rituals and also make offerings of oil and herbs to it.

The Flame

Such a  universal symbol! With it’s heat and smoke rising upward, it connects us with the Gods and Goddesses of the heavens. Incense and oil burners are extensions of this, transmitting those offerings to the Otherworld. The sacred fire also represents knowledge and passion.