Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF)

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Personal Background

When I first considered Neo-Paganism, I was lured by the idea of Druidism. I learned all I could about it, appreciating that the many organizations under that label all had very different ways of going about their practices. ADF truly appealed to me, with its democratic management system and encouragement of academic study and personal responsibiliy.

At 15 I realised I was too young to be joining any kind of religious group online.  In my 20s, I attended an ADF ritual for the first time and was reminded of it. I realised then that I wasn’t too old, that the membership fees were very reasonable and that I still had great respect for its principles even though my own beliefs and practices had changed greatly.  I joined officially the very next day, in November 2006.

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