Written discussions of the Dedicant’s understanding of each of the following nine virtues:
wisdom, piety, vision, courage, integrity, perseverance, hospitality, moderation and fertility.
(125 words min. each)
Short essays on each of the eight ADF High Days including a discussion of the meaning of each feast:
Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lughnassad, Autumn Equinox
(125 words min. each)

Short book reviews on at least:
1 Indo-European studies title:
1 preferred ethnic study title:
1 modern Paganism title
(325 word min. each.)

A brief description, with photos if possible, of the Dedicant’s home shrine and plans for future improvements.
(150 words min.)

An essay focusing on the Dedicants understanding of the meaning of the “Two Powers” meditation or other form of ‘grounding and centering’, as used in meditation and ritual. This account should include impressions and insights that the Dedicant gained from practical experience.
(300 word min)

An essay or journal covering the Dedicant’s personal experience of building mental discipline, through the use of meditation, trance, or other systematic techniques on a regular basis. The experiences in the essay or journal should cover at least a five months period.
(800 words min.)

An account of the Dedicant’s efforts to work with nature, honor the Earth, and understand the impacts and effects of the Dedicant’s lifestyle choices on the environment and/or the local ecosystem and how she or he could make a difference to the environment on a local level.
(500 word min)

A brief account of each High Day ritual attended or performed by the Dedicant in a twelve month period. High Days attended/performed might be celebrated with a local grove, privately, or with another Neopagan group. At least 4 of the rituals attended/performed during the training period must be ADF-style.
(100 words min. each)
ONE essay describing the Dedicants understanding of and relationship to EACH of the Three Kindred:
the Spirits of Nature, the Ancestors and the Gods.
(300 words min. for each Kindred and 1000 words total)

A brief account of the efforts of the Dedicant to develop and explore a personal (or Grove-centered) spiritual practice, drawn from a specific culture or combination of cultures.
(600 words min.)

The text of the Dedicant’s Oath Rite and a self-evaluation of the Dedicant’s performance of the rite.
(500 word min.)