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Mary Worship? A Study of Catholic Practice and Doctrine

This strikes me as a well presented essay from a former Roman-Catholic Nun. She left the Church when she realised that she’d been practicing ‘Mary Worship’, placing Her above Jesus Christ and God.

I’ve already heard of and have already accepted that there is a distinct difference between Roman-Catholcism and The Bible. I struggle with which is truer to ‘original’ Christianity, which has become the least biased through the centuries. Without a doubt, both have been ‘adjusted’ by those in power over time, buT can’t help but wonder which is worse, whatever it is that ‘worse’ means.

I think I’ve actually made it clear that I like that ‘Goddess worship”-ness of Catholicism. I agree with many of the parallels drawn up by Ms. Collins. Not being a Christian myself, I have a different sort view of God and the inconceiveble entirety of his Whole-ness. I do believe that He is in all things and all people, in the good and in the destructive, in Mary and Jesus, and hey, Joseph too.Of course, my opinions don’t matter much. I just find it too bad that so many Christian sects are opposed to each other.


I have trouble getting intot he Yuletide spirit sometimes, since as student, finances and the semester’s end comes with far too much stress. Here is a list of my favourite things about the holidays!

1. Decorating the Home

My place is always a dump by the end of exams.  Tidying it up and adding some holiday decor makes a huge difference! We have acorns hanging from ribbons, faux-spruce over windows with tiny lights just waiting to be put up.

2. Baking!

On my list this year is chocolate-hazelnut biscotti, double-chocolate chip cookies, crispy gingerbread cookies, and tiramisu for dad (which, no, isn’t baked.)

3. Yule Fair

I wouldn’t say “shopping”, as it sometimes puts me in a bad mood. Montreal has a lovely Yule Fair every year! Jewlery, soaps, metal and wood works!

4. Making a Yule Log

I take a log and burn decorative motifs in it. Sometime’s it’s an offering to my Mum’s fireplace. This year it’s to be a centerpiece and candle holder for my own home.

On my beloved forums, this issue pops up now and again: people who describe their practice but can’t define whether or not it is spellwork. I think this is definitely worth defining and should be different from rituals of worship.

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A recommendation – and I don’t always enjoy Witchvox.

To Be Young, Gifted, Black…and Pagan in 21st Century America
Dina, Witchvox.

There are frequent posts on one of the forums I enjoy about deity semantics. I call them semantics, but they’re obviously very important to the poster. I don’t mean to belittle their concerns, but IO feel that people so often get caught up on the details that they end up missing the point.

I see forum posts asking “Who was this God/dess who visited me in my dream” or “I don’t understand, which is Wiccan, hard-or-softpolytheism(or other)?”.  I always feel bad, because they always get variety of answers that won’t give them a direct answer.

When we’re at that philisophical point in our development, we really have to move away from books and start committing to ritual and personal experience. Here we can establish our relationship with The Dive, develop our senses and intuition. Do we feel He/She is all encompassing? Do we feel different Forces, distinctly different Beings?Do only a few of them touch you?

It tooks me years to “decide” on “My Truth”. To explain it in words would sound contradictory, so I won’t, but I’m quite satisfied with it. It doesn’t matter what Their names are, how many of Them there are. To me, these are semantics.

Respect those who touch your life.

If you don’t know their name, give them one- see if it fits. We all have special names for people close to us, nicknames, special titles. Don’t forget that deity names often translate as titles into English. Even our own have distinct significance in another language, or we are named after a notable figure.

Now, Witchvox is in an incredible community tool in that it allows any of us to write and present our opinions about Neo-Pagan Religion and Life. The problem? It allows any of us to write and present our opinions. Sometimes I read things on Witchvox and am apalled by the tangents that writers spiral on to.

Emilioa Enchantra’s article “Organization is Key” caught my attention simply because it’s a statement I do agree with and that I’ll probably write about a number of times. I thought maybe it would be about personal study organization or community organization. What can I say – I have a problem with people who complain and preach but don’t do anything, and more so, say things that I consider just plain wrong.

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