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It’s true – Halloween can be dangerous. Who knows what poisonned candy might be in circulation, what predators may be out on the street after unsuspecting and unwatched children. Parents definitely have to be vigilant.

I read this article, in which a woman brings up a Halloween alternative. Religuon and children’s safety make up her reasonning. As far as safety goes, we definitely do have to be wary for unsupervised kids. We do have to work on preventing graffiti and vandasm by youth.

But religion?

“Halloween originates in a pagan [sic] holiday and the things that come with it are negative,” [Ms. Schwenke] says.

The things that come with it – does she mean rowdiness, kids misbehaving? Or does she mean the Pagan-ness of Halloween itself ? Remember that this night of Spirits is not just Pagan – All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints Day and All Soul’s Day are all part of the Christian calendar and belief as well.

I do support groups that offer parties for cildren and teenagers, alternatives to them that will discourage bad behavior. I also think that children should be educated so that they’re aware of what dangers are around them. I also think that, if they’re faithful Christians, those children should learn what All Hallow’s Eve is. As a “holy eve”, a remembrance of the dead and the communion of saints, there should be nothing spiritually dangerous about this night.

Trick or tearing ‘negative, unsafe’. Susana Talagi.

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