Censer & Smoke Articles

A series offering an alternative to popularly published variants of Italian Craft .

I. A Grammatical Look at Italian Craft

A study in Italian grammar and the word “Witch” and exploring the etymology of the words stregheria and stregoneria.

II. What Does the “Italian” in “Italian Witchcraft” Mean?

What does it mean to be Italian today? Who was Italian back then? What ‘Italian” elements are intergral to an Italian magical and spiritual tradition?

Other Resources


There’s no denying that Raven Grimassi has published a great deal, likely the most, on the subject of Italian Witchcraft. He is quite a popular author.

Stregoneria Italiana

A forum that contains a wealth of knowledge on Italian and Italian-American folk customs, culture and language.

The Differences Between Benedicaria, Stregoneria, and Stregheria. Rev. Agostino Taumaturgo.

Unbiased, simple and clear definitions.

Aradia, Gospel of the Witches

The whole of Charles Leland’s classic.

Etruscan Roman Remains

Book and illustrations hosted by MysticWicksOnline Forums.

Wicca: For the Rest of Us – Aradia: Gospel of the Witches

Wicca: For the Rest of Us is a site critical of many poorly-educated Wiccans today. This article does not comment upon the Italian legitimacy of the myth of Aradia, but disputes it’s relation to Wicca.

Triumph of the Moon. Ronald Hutton.

In this book, Hutton explores different theories surrounding the myth of Aradia, whether it is, is not, or is partly a genuine text.

Search for “Ronald Hutton” and “Aradia” at Google Books for an excerpt.

Who Was Aradia? The History and Development of a Legend. Sabina Magliocco.

An exploration of what legends are made of.

Stregheria and Vernacular Magic in Italy: A Comparison. Sabina Magliocco.

Looking into Italian folk customs and defining Italian witchery.

The Legend of the Descent of the Goddess. Ceisiwr Serith.

Examining the core myth of Wicca in comparison to other mythical figures, including Persephone, Inanna and indirectly, Aradia.

The Goddess Aradia and Other Subjects. Website by Myth Woodling.

Including many essays about Aradia, Stregheria, spells, interpretations, and more. A great deal to read, here.

Paganism and Witchcraft in Diana’s Hunt

Esoterica Michaunt presents an excellent examination of Diana’s Hunt, a tale written in 14th century Italy, pointing out many symbolic aspects that would be understood by Witches today.

Note that Giovanni Boccaccio’s other works can be accessed at the Gutenburg Project website.

The Order of the Chalice and Serpent

More essays, opinions and explorations of Italian Craft, with notable discussion of Angels and The Watchers.

Italian-American Folklore. Frances M. Malpezzi, William M. Clements.

Covering a variety of subjects and came highly recommended to me.