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This is a sort of spinoff of Grant Swank’s America: Put Your Faith in God. I’m going to be unusually patient with this obviously biased and irritatingly conservative article.

Faith is imprtant – it gives us something to hold on to in the worst of times. I see Swank’s point – a single point – in pushing others to only have faith in God, because He cannot dissapoint us like our government, politions and families do, for they are only human.

Have faith in yourself – I think confidence is something a lot of people are lacking nowadays. You can control what you do, what happens to you. Demand respect and┬ámake use of your rights. Vote, protest, stand up and have your say. Don’t resign yourself to merely have faith in your government, but make your goverment work for you. Get involved with the political parties in your area. Take control of your life!

Mr. Swank, God gave us a brain, a body and willpower for a reason. We must take responsibility for the world around us, for our circumstances are the result of society’s actions, not God’s.