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On one of the forums I frequent, WiccaForums (don’t be fooled by the name, it’s a forum for neo-pagans of all sorts) when someone brought up the subject of books. I think it may even have been me. I may or may not have mentionned how much I enjoyed Susanna Clarke‘s Jonothan Strange and Mr Norrell for it’s depth, wit and folkloric secrets. Another member, whose posts I usually anticipate, mentionned how she found Paul Coelho’s writing to be intriguing, that she’d percieved oath-bound arts to be in his writing.

Hiding occult and spiritual secrets in works of prose and fiction. I guess this isn’t entirely unheard of (The Bible?) but I do find it inspiring! I am aware that many authors on magic and the occult have produced works of fiction, including Gerald Gardner and Robin Artisson. I’m suddenly motivated again to renew some children’s illustrated books I had planned… I would indeed sneak philisophical secrets into their pages!

So, I plan to read a lot more Coelho – I’m been craving something to immerse myself in other  than the ‘educational’ reading I’ve been trying to push myself into lately (namely the Sefer Yetzirah, Puhvel’s Comparitive Religion and Stephen Flower’s book on Hermetic Magic.)

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I used to think of guardian angels as something too ‘simple’, too ‘naïve’, till I realized that innocence is one of the best roads to God.”