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Now, Witchvox is in an incredible community tool in that it allows any of us to write and present our opinions about Neo-Pagan Religion and Life. The problem? It allows any of us to write and present our opinions. Sometimes I read things on Witchvox and am apalled by the tangents that writers spiral on to.

Emilioa Enchantra’s article “Organization is Key” caught my attention simply because it’s a statement I do agree with and that I’ll probably write about a number of times. I thought maybe it would be about personal study organization or community organization. What can I say – I have a problem with people who complain and preach but don’t do anything, and more so, say things that I consider just plain wrong.

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It often said that “a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet” and while it’s a lovely, romantic notion, it’s hardly practical. The words we use carry over many pre-concieved notions and we’re responsible for considering that as we communicate. In the light of Kathy Lee Gifford’s’s gaffe, I think it’s time for us to examine the words we use. By we, I mean we “pagans”.

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