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That’s a strange question coming from a writer, isn’t it? I think that loving to write really should be the quality of a freelance writer and it’s too bad I’m just not one of those.

I write to improve my writing skills.

I write as a way of improving my diction, my arguing skills, the way in which I word my phrases.

I write in hope that better writing will also bring about better conversational skills.

Sometimes we stop practicing a certain skill and realise after that we’ve lost  a lost some of our ability in that area. When I began my University studies I realized that my writing was nowhere near as good as I thought it was. Perhaps I was disillisionned from years of having it easy at school. CEGEP definitely wsn’t challenging and likely left me rusty. I would spend nights crying because all the University papers I had to write, because I hated writing about things I have no interest in, because I have too short of an attention span, because I hated my writing.

I am no longer in University but have every intention of writing better, and improving in my own way.